Thursday, 19 May 2011

Coveting....TOMS University Navy Classics

I have noticed an increasing amount of interest in a shoe company that have actually been around for a while now. It seems that TOMS have made it onto some one's 'trends' list as there have been a number of press mentions lately as well as the obligatory sightings on young and lovelies out and about in London. Which has made me think again about how much I like these shoes, not only for their simple, comfortable design but also for the company's philosophy and 'One for One' movement. One for One means that for every pair of TOMS purchased, the company gives a pair of new shoes to a child in need. For more information visit the TOMS website. Their shoes can be bought direct from them or from various retailers in the UK, including Office and Schuh.

Monday, 16 May 2011

The first UK Green Film Festival....

The UK Green Film Festival is being held for the first time this weekend. The festival will showcase films and filmmakers dealing with environmental issues and climate change themes. A few of the films being shown include FernGully, Godzilla and Plastic Planet. It will include the nationwide premiere of the film 'Planeat', a story about a quest to find a sustainable, healthy diet (which doesn't sound quite as thrilling as say, Godzilla, but should be fairly interesting....).

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Surely the best deck chair in the world......

I have been coveting a penguin design deckchair since I first saw them online about two years ago. And now I have one...and the absolute best part is that it only cost £30 instead of the usual going rate on various websites of about £60. I have to say, and quickly before I get in trouble, that this bargain buy had nothing to do with me. I am the worst haggler in the world, I would be rubbish on The Apprentice. No, the OH deserves all the credit for his amazing haggling skills and at Waterstones no less. He spotted two penguin deckchairs at our local branch recently that had been marked down to £40 as they had clearly been there a while. So of course I wanted one but luckily the OH stopped by to purchase and mentioned that they looked like they had been there for years, so how about he takes one off their hands for £30...and they said yes! Kudos to the salesman for being flexible. So we are now the owner of what I surely feel must be the best deckchair in the world. And it matches my jeeves mug!