Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sign up to 10:10 today....

10:10 is a new initiative (the launch event of which is today actually, so if you can, get down to the Tate Modern from 4pm) which calls on individuals, companies and other organisations to cut carbon emissions by 10% in 2010.

There is plenty of information on the website, www.1010uk.org. about why this is a good thing and how we can all go about achieving this target (in our homes and in the workplace) so I am not going to go on about it here. I just suggest you support the campaign by signing up on the website as soon as you can.....


  1. Am I wrong to be sceptical about these sorts of things? Do they get us anywhere? You see loads of these sorts of things around, but you can pledge as much as you like and if you don't lift a finger afterwards what happens? Not much, it seems. I wonder if these things produce more light than heat...


  2. I think a healthy amount of skepticism is always a good thing myself! I am a bit of an optimist though, so tend to hold out hope and think if one of these 'initiatives' convinces even a handful of people/companies/organisations to start being a bit more aware then it's a good thing. I think it's important that the companies that sign up are questioned, by their customers, employees etc. about what they are actually doing though....so it doesn't become a case of sign up and then ignore.