Thursday, 11 February 2010

A new beginning....sort of...

Well it’s been a while….a long while. I have a number of excuses prepared for my long blogging absence (holiday to South Africa, hectic schedule at work etc.) but they are kind of pointless because the point is…I’m just not sure of how I am feeling about this blog at the moment and that is the real reason why I haven't been very inspired. I think I kind of went off in an unintended direction of only wanting to blog about something that ‘fitted in’ with some preconceived idea of what this blog was about….not even my own preconceived idea, just one that somehow arrived and then roosted.

I just want this blog to be about stuff…all sorts of stuff, stuff I like doing and eating and buying and wearing, mainly in London as that is where I live after all. And I want the things I blog about to be stuff I’d like to share, rather than something I have had to think about and then written about for the sake of having something to write about! So I am semi-kind-of starting things over with a slightly wider remit and we’ll just see how things go…that is the beauty of it all, nothing has to be set in stone.

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