Sunday, 15 March 2009

And so it begins.....

I like stuff. I have way too much stuff, too much make-up, too many handbags, too many pairs of shoes and I know, in my heart…..that it’s wrong. I should, we all should, be living lives of 21st century-style simplicity, eschewing material possessions and Marks and Spencer ready meals and living off the land, shopping in Oxfam and making our own lip and cheek stains out of beetroot juice and rose water. Personally however, I like stuff too much. I love living in London and the opportunities that this allows for the purchasing of and doing of and seeing of stuff.

I am hoping that this blog will be a way for me to exorcise some of my stuff demons. Perhaps writing about some of the things I covet will lessen the coveting. I am not making any promises about the environmental and ethical nature of the things I write about so please, don’t shout at me. I am sure many will think I am a disgusting capitalist pig but to be honest, my conscience is more in the nature of a ladybug than a full-blown Jiminy Cricket so even if you do shout at me, I probably won’t care. I recycle, I work for a non-profit organisation that, without getting into details, I believe does very important work and I will certainly add to this blog any green and ethical information I have or have researched about the stuff that I am writing about but ultimately, this is a blog about stuff that I find interesting/useful/inspiring/worth owning/any combination of these things. I hope you enjoy it…..

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