Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth Hour....

I have heard some interesting opinions, of support and derision, regarding WWF's Earth Hour this year. According to the official Earth Hour website, over 2800 cities from 83 countries have signed up to the initiative, part of WWF's global deal campaign which hopes to inspire regulators to agree on effective climate change policies.

Personally, I feel that the important part of supporting Earth Hour is not switching your lights off for an hour as much as signing up as a supporter on the website and the concept of 'Your light switch is your vote'. As the website puts it 'every single person who signs up to WWF's Earth Hour sends the message that they want action to tackle climate change'. The success of the event sends a message to the governments who will meet in Copenhagen at the end of the year (Copenhagen Climate Change Conference 2009) to decide on how the threat of climate change will be dealt with in the future.

I am going to be switching off as well though, and enjoying dinner by candlelight, I hope you are all doing the same....

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  1. Yeah, we shut down and lights and had a hubbly in the dark :) Although we did still have the hi-fi going.